TARDIS Halloween costume!

The 15 minute $40 TARDIS costume


After scouring the Internet many hours for a good, cheap, easy TARDIS costume, I have decided to make my own. Here’s what you need:

– 2-3 sheets of white duct tape. 1-2 sheets of black duct tape. I found a nice matte black so that it doesn’t look too shiny and fake.

– A bag of felted white letters of medium size or small size

– A blue dress of a material that will allow you to stick tape to (I bought one at Joyce Leslie for $20)

To make:

1. Cut the black duck tape and stick it across the top of the dress. Try spelling out the Police Public Call Box section. My letters were a little big so I cut them down to size and left out the “public call” section so that I could fit everything. After adjusting your letters peel the backing off and stick to the black strip you’ve just applied.

2. Make two windows. Take the white duct tape and cut it in half lengthwise. Cut width wise a bit more then halfway down the page. Before removing the backing apply three black strips as follows: On the back of the duct tape there is a grid. Cut strips lengthwise 1 square wide. Place two of the black strips vertically per window. Place one strip horizontally half way down the window. Remove the backing and place both windows on the dress. Cut four more 1 square wide strips of black duct tape and apply over the edges of the windows on the dress.

3. Add some details! Take a sheet of white duct tape and print the TARDIS sign on it. The ink will take at least 12 hours to set on the page.











4. When the sign dries, apply it under the left window. You can print the St. John’s Ambulance emblem and place that across from the sign as well. I was too worried the ink would not dry so I did not include that. I then went over the letters with permanent marker.


5. Enjoy your nerdiness 🙂


11 thoughts on “TARDIS Halloween costume!

  1. This is a really cute but simple idea. Looks great. Now I want to try it too 🙂 I also like that you have it on a more fit and flare type dress over the typical form fitting ones I’ve seen. ^_^

    • I actually found the dress at a Joyce Leslie’s. I’d check any store that sells clothes organized by color like forever 21

  2. I LOVE THIS. I wish they still had that dress it is perfect! F21 didn’t have anything like it, so I will have to keep searching. I love the duct tape idea sound super easy! I made some TARDIS shoes over on my site and I would love to wear this dress with them!! xo

  3. Making my halloween costume right now! Only dilemma was having the printer refuse to print on my duct tape paper 😦 Just going to print on regular paper and glue it on. Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. wow! that looks so simple but amazing. im gonna try to make one for my friends for halloween. thanks so much for the tips 🙂

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